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With the progression of technology, thing seem to get smaller and smaller. This trend is not just reserved for your mp3 player though. It has caught the internet marketing hub's attention.

While most marketers follow the simple formula of "Sell Products At Higher Prices -- Make More -- Work Less", the introduction of acceptance of micropayments for digital goods has caught on with a BANG for those looking to make some quick cash or to suppliment their existing income.

So, just what is a micropayment? Well, let's dissect the word for the meaning. Micro = small + Payment = $$$. And there you have it! In a nut shell, using micropayments to earn money is fast, easy, and affordable for anyone with the desire to sell, or buy, digital goods online.

Let's face facts. Most people don't really want to pay more than, say 20 bucks for an intangible product, or something that is not in physical form that they can grab hold of. Including information products. People are willing to pay for information, just not so much for it. And the micropayment for your smaller information products is perfect!

Plus, it's pretty easy to come up with and sell ideas that pop out of your head for a pittance. Virtually ANY subject can find an audience online willing to pay $5 to access everything you've got on it.

To take the concept a step further, you could write up a short but 'meaty' 5 page special report on how to hang photos like the pros do and sell access to it for $1 a pop.

Now, say you've got, oh, 350 takers. That translates into $350. Minus payment processor fees and so forth. But still, it's EASY MONEY! Even if you can only make $50 a day for each special report/information product you can generate, that's still a weekly payout of $350 for each product you can sell to each of the 350 customers in question. Even if you can only get them to buy just ONE of the 10 short reports you write up and sell!!

Logically, skeptical online customers are more willing to part with a measly dollar than they are $20 or $30 for information. And, depending on how good your information product, delivery of the product, and customer relations, you have a better chance of getting those 350 people to purchase your next report on how to hang photos without damaging your walls, or something like this. You get the point here.

And, writing up a small 'special report' full of interesting or useful content is much easier than you might think. It can be delivered in almost any type of format. For those really wanting to go the 'plain jane' route, use of a simple text editor/composer like NotePad does the job just fine. WordPad, word processor utilities, or even PDF composers can get the job done. Plus, most of these types of programs you can pick up 100% FREE! So your cost is even LESS!!

In fact, there are even online services that allows you to sell not only your smaller info-products for peanuts, but, you can also sell your bigger products from there sites too. Providing you with a place to store the files you sell, and an automatic system set up for delivery. Thereby, streamlining the entire process of the online sale. Freeing up more time for you to crank out more exciting micro-products :-)

As you may or may not already know, there are plenty of choices when preparing to sell digital products online. Places like BitPass and PayLoadz have been pretty popular choices for those selling digital goodies. Their prices are fair and they give you plenty of flexibility for what they offer.

However, one company has gone even further. They will not only allow you to store and sell your information products, but also your legally owned and created mp3 files, pictures, artwork, etc. So, they appeal to a broader range of online business men and women. The company is still fairly new, but gets my vote!

What is this mystery company. It's a little known place that goes by the name of TradeBit. It makes having seperate file storage accounts and hosting obsulete when it comes to selling digital products that is. Of course you'll still need a host for your regular website, or online presence :-)

They offer storage of any files you are selling(of course this means files you are LEGALLY permitted to sell), they handle the delivery for you, and they even offer an integrated affiliate commission payout system for any of the products you sell allowing others to sell FOR YOU!!

And, you can even try them out absolutely FREE for 7 days with 20MB of space to fiddle around with when you visit their site -- and sign up for a free account. Their prices are extremely affordable and can be upgraded for anyone that needs more space pretty easily.

Generating micro-products for micropayments could become BIG business in the future of online marketing. It can definitely make your pockets bigger, one bit at a time!

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